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An Exclusive Tool to get Found.

Prospects are already downloading the App because they want more than Who, What, Where...they can get that from Google Places but then they have to live with all the annoying pop-ups.

They are looking for Local Businesses that are willing to Engage.
When they use their "Near Me" feature, Will they find You?

When they find you and choose to engage, what happens next just might determine the future of your business.

Why does it make sense for You?

Whats-OUT brings back the Magic in Retail.
But that's just the Beginning...


Key to Success = Engagement

If all you want is to be found, the Free Listing will do that.
But you need to consider the followng...

Consumers are already Actively Searching for Businesses they can Engage on their Mobile Devices. Your Free Listing will pop up on their phones as they get close to you. What happens next will determine your success.

You have TWO SPECIFIC GOALS to let you decide how many new customers you really want to Find, Capture, Engage and Keep.

When a Prospect finds you and adds you to their "Favorites," they just sent a very clear message that they want to Engage with you.

Several things happen when they do this.
First, you Now Know who they are. You get information on them for future marketing with several different tools.
They made a clear choice to Engage with you. Note the "Engage Customers" tab at the top. We have numerous tools in this regard. 
A Direct Link. When you create a message or offer, everyone who has liked you gets an Instant Notification.  This is a Push Notificatin that is instant, direct and right to their phone. 
Free Loyalty. This is an option customers Love because they now have One Place for All their loyalty programs with All their favorite shops, right on the one device they always have with them, their phone.
You can Grow as Needed. This is a Smart System. It lets you know when more folks wish to engage than your current subscription base allows. This way you start small and grow as needed because when you are prompted, you can choose to engage those extra folks or ignore them. It's your choice. But being able to engage more and more folks is a Good Thing, wouldn't you agree?
Your First GeoFence is Free. We give you one GeoFence and if that's all you want, OK. But if you want more, or if you wish to add the power of Smart Beacons or any of our other tools, we are here. 

The Name of the Game is it Get and Keep More Customers and we'll do it more effectively and inexpensively than Any system, Anywhere. After all, isn't the Goal More Customers and More Profits while Saving Money?

Other ways you are added to their Favorites:

  • When they claim an offer you are automatically added to their Favorites, as well as to “My Offers”.
  • Playing Scratch & Win also adds you to their Favorites.
  • Starting next update, joining a loyalty Program or interacting with an event will add you there.


Get your Free App Listing.
  • You can stay free as long as you wish.
  • You can do a LOT with the Free system.
  • It will Build your Business simply by being there but the subscription plans kick things into High Gear.


Grow your Customer Base
  • Let's Plan your Growth
  • The "Engagement Tools" tab shows Many Tools and they all tie together.
  • Contact us.


Get your Free Video.
  • All Business Clients with a subscription plan get one free introduction video.
  • We can even do a web conference to show you some Cool Ways to use AppVOLV with video.


  • It's the Evolution of Apps and makes webmasters obsolete. 
  • You gain Total Control, for FREE.
  • This Smarter App you are seeing right now is an AppVOLV Progressive Web App.

Additional GeoTargeting Informaiton

We have a tutorial app that is just about done. The How-To videos will help you get up and running and you can go back anytime for a refresher.


Smart Beacons present relative informaiton to your device based upon several criteria.


Whats-OUT has No Equal. Our system can use virtually Any brand of Beacon and we have different ones in stock.


Many of the Big Boys already have their own apps, here are two.
But they also have problems.
Their app only works with their existing customers, is Extremely Expensive, no New Customers, no Viral Growth and No Prospecing.

You MUST Consider This



Once Prospects and Customers realize the POWER, they Download the App because it's Free, it works in ALL Businesses and it helps them connect with vendors and special deals.
You like it because you gain a steady flow of customers who bring their friends with them.
If they go to Seattle, their App works. Trip to LasVegas, not a problem. Their Local Mall, find deals when they arrive.
High School needs to make an announcement to folks as they enter the parking lot, Bingo.

There have been other players in this space but none have succeeded. Quite frankly they didn't understand the "Chicken or the Egg" concept, which is Exactly what is going on here.

But there is another, Very Powerful thing happening...
We call it the FindCashApp

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Choose from the large selection of latest pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, content slider, responsive image gallery with lightbox, parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, hamburger menu, sticky header and more.


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