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If you aren't Mobile Marketing correctly you will soon become irrelevant.


As you saw on the "Why Free" page, your free listing will bring prospects to you. Your goal is to have them make you a "Favorite."

When a Customer clicks the Heart to Like you, they just sent a very clear message that they want to Engage with you. In this example, Dr. Scott would have 572 folks that want to engage. Now he can start to Engage them or simply ignore their request and stay with the Free Listing.

You now know who they are. You get information on them for future marketing with several different tools.

Our app will give you a A Direct Link to them. The customer decided who to Favorite and we can help you there a well.

More ways they add you to their Favorites list:
Claiming an offer also adds you to their favorites, as well as to their “My Offers”.
Playing Scratch & Win also adds you to their Favorites.
Starting next update, also, joining a loyalty Program or interacting with an event will add you to their Favorites.

We're even building a separate app, with all sorts of tips and tricks, essentially your "Push Button Marketing" tutorial that will help you Grow your business.

We aren't like the other companies that want to Nickle and Dime you to death. Our goal is to partner with you and one thing partners do is help eachother.

NOW, see the Engagement Tools in the Menu Above.

In each package, you can start out small and let the system tell you when more folks want to engage. Each system is "Smart" and will let you grow as needed.

And isn't that a good thing? Grow your customer base by engaging with those prospects who want to do business with you?


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